Saturday, November 3, 2007

Tale from the Crypt

Who am I really in this world?
Which world by the way...?
There are so many illusions floating in parallel atmospheres,
Which one is mine
Which one is my life...?

It is becoming late now to answer these questions.

Who is this ghost loading by me?
Another self searching the way to happiness?
Looking for answers to unpronounceable questions?
Seeking an improbable chat pal?

To say what, to go where?
Always questions without answers...

Men are always wanting our flesh and our blood
Our mind is of not use for them
They could even not understand
What our wishes are.
Mine are so secret, do I only know them...

Where is the exit?
On the left?
On the right?
I made my choice,
I am so lazy.

It is tedious to tell again tales already plainly told.
Homer, The Odyssey, Greek epic poet (800 BC-700 BC)

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