Saturday, November 24, 2007

Sofian's real life

I often say to my friends that I want to separate my real and my second lives.

Actually I want to be as different as possible in SL from what I am in my "normal" life.

From my experience in-world I know that a lot of avatars are like me, not only mentioning the furries and nekos who obviously whish to appear with an animal aspect, which result they only can obtain in real life in rare festal (or festive) occasions.

Nevertheless real life and second life are not two parallel worlds that would never communicate with one another.

There are footbridges, I would say sometimes catwalks that allow some connexions between them, maybe more from RL to SL, but I am sure that we do not have to underestimate the flow in the other direction, from SL to RL.

Whatever the case, I am often urged to tell more on my real life to some friends, or future friends I meet for the first time, and it is why I decided to tell you a little about my true existence.

I will start with the A/S/L stuff and, as you deserve it, I will add some extra information to enlighten my hidden side (would I better say my secret side...?)

Age : somewhere in-between a teen (for the mind) and a great-grandmother (for the appearance)

Sex : not as often as I would like, but I work on it.

Location : when you look at the planet Earth, can you see the little spot between Morocco and Finland? It is just one hundred kilometers on the left, second exit on the motorway.

Job : juggling with figures and trying to have them make sense for people who invest their money in virtual papers at the NYSE.

Hobbies : I used to play chess and Tomb Raider before knowing Second Life, my mistake.

Religion : None or all of them, which is pretty the same ; I only try to do my best to not annoying too many people. As regards my belief in hereafter, it is my own business in my here below.

Sports : I started with swimming, but was bored of counting the wading pool courses and swallowing water with my nose ; I also practised judo, but my backbone didn't appreciate and told me I'd better stop this activity ; now and then I run in a little wood close to my home and if it is raining or too cold I do some jogging in SL (always sun and warm weather here)

So far nothing more to tell you, if you need precisions you can ask, maybe I will answer, you never know...

Imagination is the one weapon in the war against reality.
Jules de Gaultier


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