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My First Lady
First minutes…
[13:05] Sofian: hi Suke:)
[13:05] Sofian: are you lost?
[13:06] Sofian: do you know the button Search?
[13:07] Sofian: do not use chat, use IM instead
[13:08] Sofian: do you see IM at the bottom left?
[13:08] Suke: Ah I found the chat!
[13:08] Sofian: yeahhh!
[13:08] Suke: Yeah!
[13:08] Sofian: please sit on the bench
[13:09] Suke: I am trying to! This is embarrassing

at home =>

Well, what can I say about Suke?
So many things...
Not enough room here, anyway none of your business!
Oh yes, she is a great photographer, I will ask her permission to put here a link to her picks.
She is contributor to my blog, see her posts about Visit to the Underworld and View from the Abyss...

In the trees at Aly's
First minutes…
2007/09/16 6:04] Sofian: hello Alysa
[2007/09/16 6:12] Sofian: thank you for having accepted my friendship offer:)
[2007/09/16 11:03] Alysa: (Saved Sun Sep 16 19:57:00 2007) Aw, you are welcome. I'm sorry I wasn't near my computer. Last night I fell asleep and just now I was doing some things around the house. Hope we can talk soon
[2007/09/16 11:09] Sofian: LOL it happens to me too, falling asleep is rather common when getting too much into SL!
[2007/09/16 11:10] Alysa: yeah I went out last night and when I came home and got online and must of passed out soon after that
[2007/09/16 11:11] Sofian: maybe see you in one hour? I have to go now:(
[2007/09/16 11:12] Alysa: oh I should still be here, if not I will be back at some point probably

<= somewhere with Aly...

Young American student, fond of poetry and southern litterature, it's always nice to spend time with her, even if she is claustrophobic!

sleeping Angel =>

First minutes…
[2007/09/03 13:24] Sofian: hello Angie!
[2007/09/03 13:26] Sofian: are you sleeping and dancing at the same time?
[2007/09/03 13:32] Angie1: sorry,...afk,..yes, all at the same time:-))
[2007/09/03 13:32] Sofian: lol
[2007/09/03 13:33] Sofian: it happens to me sometimes
[2007/09/03 13:33] Sofian: German?
[2007/09/03 13:33] Angie1: +yes, I am German

Arm at Montevideo Island

First minutes…
[2007/10/17 10:13] Sofian: Hi!
[2007/10/17 10:14] Sofian: sorry I was afk
[2007/10/17 10:14] Sofian: can I help you?
[2007/10/17 10:15] Sofian: hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[2007/10/17 10:22] Sofian: are you resting a little?
[2007/10/17 10:22] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
[2007/10/17 10:34] Sofian: hello Arm, welcome back:)
[2007/10/17 10:35] Sofian: Can you see me meditating by the pool?
[2007/10/17 11:49] Arm Strom: Hello Sofian I was resting in your sofa. I do like your Gallery. Is it your Paintings/Artworks?
[2007/10/17 15:10] Arm Strom: Hello Sofian
[2007/10/17 15:10] Arm Strom: How are you?
[2007/10/17 15:15] Sofian Mannonen: problem with the computer?

at Blarney Stone's =>

Lovely Norwegian gal who is another great photographer!
When visiting Montevideo island she took a photo of me that I use in all my profiles now;)
Thank you so much Arm (please forget the royalties...)

Prima Dona

First minutes…
[12:12] Sofian: hola!
[12:12] The Resident you messaged is in 'busy mode' which means they have requested not to be disturbed. Your message will still be shown in their IM panel for later viewing.
[12:12] BarceDona: hola
[12:12] Sofian: eres la dueña del lugar?
[12:13] BarceDona: quieres entrar?
[12:14] Sofian: estoy un poco perdida en este mundo, no puedo rechazar la oferta
[12:14] BarceDona: espera q te envio invitacion
[12:14] Sofian: gracias:)

Barce simpsonized =>

BarceDona lives in Barcelona, but I guess you found that without my help.
We share some secrets, because secrets are to be shared, but they also are to be kept hidden so you won't know more so far.

If you want to simpsonize your best friends, go right ahead, it's free and funny.

<= purrrr

First minutes…
[12:04] Sofian: are you waiting for somebody?
[12:04] Carin: no
[12:04] Carin: hahaha and you
[12:04] Sofian: yes, I am waiting for a friend
[12:05] Sofian: I don't know if she will come
[12:05] Carin: ooooo
[12:05] Carin: so you have to wait

at Chill3's

First minutes…
[17:37] Chill3: you like to dance a slow
[17:37] Sofian: why not:)
[17:38] Sofian: I suppose you take the place of the man
[17:38] Chill3: hihi, no problem
[17:38] Sofian: sorry
[17:38] Chill3: no problem
[17:39] Sofian: I always forget to stop the anim

Women in black =>

I could say a lot of nice things about Chill3...
She mesmerized me at our first encounter and we had a short but tense interesting period.
But too many diffences between us...
And she is so busy!

<= Chill3's domain

Always building and creating amusement centers like this maze of eroticism.

Man or woman? =>

First minutes…
I am still waiting for them…

I only met Daneel in OpenLife, which is kind of Second Life bis if you like.
Maybe he is another man wanting to appear like a woman...?
Or a woman pretending to be a man...?
Look at his profile to have your own opinion.
You will see that he is a mine of information about our dear world (and some others too)

Clowning at Mana's =>

First minutes…
[2007/09/22 14:03] Sofian: Hello Elscotto:)
[2007/09/22 14:03] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
[2007/09/22 14:10] ElScotto: Hi, Sofi!
[2007/09/22 14:11] Sofian: hi again, you come back:)
[2007/09/22 14:11] Sofian: thanks for the tip:)
[2007/09/22 14:11] ElScotto: Yes, was lagged, crashing.
[2007/09/22 14:11] ElScotto: You're welcome, hon.
[2007/09/22 14:11] ElScotto: I'm a friend of Mana's.
[2007/09/22 14:11] Sofian: yes she told me

At first I thought Scottie (as I name him) was Scottish, but no, he is Texan.
I never asked him if he voted Bush, but I prefer not to know, it would sadden me to break a so recent friendship.
No, of course I am joking, I would forgive anything bad, even the worst sin ever committed since Napoléon sold Louisiana.

Dragoon tamer

First minutes…
You: hi Mana
Mana: Hi Sofian!
Mana: Nice to meet you!
You: what is this place?
Mana: This is a server room :-)
Mana: You are on the sim Virtuosity.
Mana: It’s the home of VanSant Properties-
Mana: They sell land in SL.
You: their business is real estate?
Mana: Yes.
You: I am a neighbor, I rent in the L Word
Mana: OK.

Mana could be my Second Lady, but I don't want to be thrown to the sharks by her friend Jeanine...
Jeanine the shark tamer =>

Mana is also nicknamed Bugwoman by Suke and me, because she got us out of a mess so many times!

We could find other pet names, like Bugkiller or Bugbuster, contest is open, please take part here.

<= from Mercury

Dragoons, sharks, Mana loves dangerous animals, maybe she is a dangerous animal herself, who knows, I should be careful...
Sometimes she can take the appearance of a strange creature

The girl from Caracas =>

First minutes…
[22:18] naninesita: Hey Sofian hola soy Naninesita si necesitas ayuda solo dime!! estaré aki un rato!!!
[22:18] naninesita: Hey sofian Hi I'm Naninesita, if u need help just let me know!! i'll be here for a while!!!
[12:30] Sofian: hola nani
[12:31] naninesita: Hola Sofian!!! q tal mi niña??? ayer no nos conocimos de hablar, pero pasamos muxo rato viendo tu avatar!! XD
[12:31] naninesita: un placer conocerte!! XD
[12:31] Sofian: creo que estaba durmiendo...
[12:31] naninesita: si nos imaginamos ^^

First minutes…
[2007/09/22 12:30] Sofian: bonjour Paty:)
[2007/09/22 12:30] paty: bonjour
[2007/09/22 12:30] paty: comment vas-tu ?
[2007/09/22 12:31] Sofian: super bien!
[2007/09/22 12:31] paty: content de le savoir
[2007/09/22 12:31] Sofian: je commence ici en tant que danseuse!
[2007/09/22 12:31] paty: bonne chance
[2007/09/22 12:31] Sofian: merci, mais pourquoi aurais-je besoin de chance...?
[2007/09/22 12:32] paty: disons je connais les club

No photo from paty, I just realize that we met only twice in Second Life, but we chatted several times and he helped me with the Babbler translator, and I am grateful when someone helps me, so he deserves to be listed here.

First minutes…
[2007/09/23 12:12] Sofian: finally you prefer dancing near a devil;)
[2007/09/23 12:12] Precious: I thought it would look better
[2007/09/23 12:13] Sofian: I agree, we are a very nice couple:)
[2007/09/23 12:13] Sofian: LOL
[2007/09/23 12:13] Precious: the contrast is great
[2007/09/23 12:13] Sofian: exactly!
[2007/09/23 12:14] Sofian: I hope it will pay back!
[2007/09/23 12:14] Precious: hey... I have a devil halo if you want it

No photo from Precious, a nice American girl that I met at Poison Ivy when I danced for the first (and last) time as a professional.
I was invited at her wedding but it was cancelled.
I hope it was only postponed, I love friends' weddings!

Wild exotic child

First minutes…
[2007/07/20 8:45] rotpaulette: really pretty Sofian
[2007/07/20 8:45] You: thanks Paulette:)
[2007/07/20 8:45] rotpaulette: yw
[2007/07/20 8:46] rotpaulette: how come nice looking like you is alone?
[2007/07/20 8:47] Sofian: are you flirting me...;)?
[2007/07/20 8:47] rotpaulette: yes maam ,
[2007/07/20 8:47] Sofian: please in IM;)
[2007/07/20 8:47] rotpaulette: yes
[2007/07/20 8:47] rotpaulette: sorry

the fierce animal is tamed =>

A French girl living in Germany, this can be a high-explosive blend, don't you believe it?

But I know how to appease the volcano, at least during some minutes...

<= before leaving to Morocco

I was in Morocco in August for pleasure and relaxation, rotpaulette went to Safi for two months in September; maybe one day she will post something here about her enriching experience.

at TLG =>

First minutes…
[2007/07/20 8:37] Sofian: Hi sammi:)
[2007/07/20 8:37] Sammi: hi
[2007/07/20 8:38] Sofian: who is connor, does he deserve to be known? LOL
[2007/07/20 8:39] Sammi: yes he does
[2007/07/20 8:39] Sofian: funny your 2nd life pic;)
[2007/07/20 8:39] Sofian: you look really amazed
[2007/07/20 8:40] Sammi: ah yeh
[2007/07/20 8:41] Sammi: well its connor

Que guapa!

First minutes…
[15:14] ShaneLee: tia como te gastas la pasta
[15:15] Sofian: jajaja
[15:15] Sofian: 10L$
[15:15] ShaneLee: ya tia
[15:15] ShaneLee: pero eso es algo
[15:15] ShaneLee: xD
[15:15] Sofian: vales mucho mas
[15:16] ShaneLee: anda que maja
[15:16] ShaneLee: ^^

relax =>

Shane is an itinerant tattoo showcase.

<= ready to play

Unless she advertises for a spectacle manufacturer...

at Tombstone =>

Sometimes she can even interrupt an Indian ceremony.

She is an easy rider.

How on Earth!

First minutes…
[2007/09/27 15:08] San: oh gone!
[2007/09/27 15:09] Sofian: yes...?
[2007/09/27 15:09] San: well you were on the dance floor....
[2007/09/27 15:10] Sofian: ah! and I just left...
[2007/09/27 15:10] San: yes
[2007/09/27 15:10] Sofian: you wanted to chat with me?

Fuzzy San =>

Difficult to figure her out, above all when the lag is in for it...
To have a better idea you can read her Confessions of a Loving Domme

<= good dancer

What I can say is that with me she only leads the dance.

very good dancer =>

But I could give in to temptation some day.


Astounding isn't it?


Active Worlds

Here I am Sofian.

But you have several other names according to the world you visit (I started as a Barbara...)
Deserves some more visits.

Here I am Ono, Sofia and Sofian.

The wild, wild East.
Always a pleasure to discover this strange and remote world, even if your house and furniture is stolen when you turn your back...

Here I am Guest_SofianMannonen.

Enhanced Chat system, nothing more.

Here I am Sofian.

I went once in this skimpy world, that was enough...

Here I could be Sofian, SofianM, SofianMannonen or OnoKumaki, but I never was able to enter this world.
Do not count on the help desk, I am still waiting for an answer to my questions.
And they make no effort to non-Chinese speakers, their Internet English page is a sick joke.

Here I am Sofian Haiku.

Deserves some more visits.

Here I am Sofian_Mannonen.

Three interesting things in this world: sex, sex and sex.
But of course you have to pay if you want to really enjoy.
Unfortunately I had not my credit card with me when I visited...

Second Life
Here I am Ono Kumaki and Sofian Mannonen.

May I say that it's my prefered world?

Here I am SofianMannonen.

Funny and joyful, deserves more visits to discover its hideaways.


Here I am Sofian.

Dull, tedious and boring, maybe with some hidden qualities.

OLYMPIAN, adj. Relating to a mountain in Thessaly, once inhabited by gods, now a repository of yellowing newspapers, beer bottles and mutilated sardine cans, attesting the presence of the tourist and his appetite.

His name the smirking tourist scrawls
Upon Minerva's temple walls,
Where thundered once Olympian Zeus,
And marks his appetite's abuse.
Averil Joop
Ambrose Bierce, The Devil's Dictionary
US author & satirist (1842 - 1914)


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